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shatterproof lamps

If there is an accident with a fluorescent light Braking

Has you well know

All the glass, phosphors and mercury will end up in places were you do not want the fragment to go,
causing a health problems in the work area.

shatterproof lamps

Are Shatterproof fluorescent Tubes has a tough plastic shatterproof membrane over the fluorescent lamp .
There shatterproof tube offer perfect safe light
totally sealing all the glass and toxing inside the membrane of shatterproof tube when the tube is broken.

shatterproof lamps

These shatterproof lights will not
CRACK , SPLIT or go yellow and also flak.

For use in Food packaging areas,whese sensitive goods are manufactured packed or processed.
Should an accident occur with the Lamp, all contents are contained within the plastic covering.

TRIPHOSPHOR fluorescent lamps can lasts twice as long as standard fluorescent lamps and gives out 10% more light!


shatterproof fluorescent tubes Meets and exceeds all the requirements
of the European Council Directive on the hygiene of foodstuffs contained in the official journal of the European Communities NoL175/7 dated 14 June 1993 and the UK Food Safety Act 1990.

Fitting ShrinkWrap Fluorescent Tube

The shatterproof lamps are very simple to fit. Take your old fluorescent tube and replace with the shatterproof tube.

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Fluorescent Lamps information code

shatterproof lamps>

the third part of the code is the colour
stardard colour is code = 835 or 35
colour cool white is code =840
colour warm white is code =830
colour daylight is code = 865

The first letter of the code on the fluorescent tube is Manufactures code
GE is usly= F
Osram is usly= L
Philip is usly =TLD
Sylvania is usly= F

Second part of the code on the fluorescent tube is the wattage of the fluorescent tube

T4 Fluorescent tube

T5 Fluorescent tube

T8 Fluorescent tube


Length Watt Length Watt Length
6w FL6T4E 232mm 6w 212mm 15w 438mm
8w FL8T4 315mm 8w 300mm 18w 590mm
10w FL10T4E 352mm 13w 516mm 30w 895mm
12w FL12T4 420mm 14w 549mm 36w 1204mm
16w FL16T4 472mm 21w 849mm 38w 1047mm
16w FL16T4E 480mm 24w 549mm 58w 1500mm
20w FL20T4 550mm 28w 1149mm 70w 1763mm
20w FL20T4E 578mm 35w 1449mm    
    39w 849mm    
    54w 1149mm    
    80w 1449mm    

how a fluorescent lamp works

fluorescent lamps are low-pressure mercury vapour dschange lamps.
An electrical change is passed though the mercury vapour in theglass tube causing it to emit UV radiation.
phospors on the inside of the glass tube convert the UV radiation into visible light.
Different phosphors give the light different colour appearances.
Control gear provides the correct lamp current.

FH stards for Fluorescent hight efficiency.
With a tube diameter of only T5 (16mm) these lamps offer an extremely hight luminous efficient of up to 104im/W
They are desgned for cutt-off technology and incease efficiency by up to 20% compared with stardard T8 (26mm) lamps